These beautifully designed tri-fold brochures contain detailed information on all of Kannaway™s products currently available to our European Union customers and are an excellent marketing tool for our Brand Ambassadors to promote Kannaway products. A visually appealing way to educate potential candidates and customers on Kannaway™s line of hemp lifestyle products, these brochures are the perfect takeaway to leave your prospects with after an initial conversation. We™ve even added a place on the brochure for you to include your name, phone number, and email to make it easier for prospects to contact you when they are ready to order Kannaway products for themselves. We have included 50 of our product tri-folds to get you started sharing the incredible benefits of our product line. Provide them to those you meet, leave a pile at local businesses, or use them as a chair drop when hosting Kannaway events of your own. Regardless of how you use them, each brochure has the potential to help you grow your Kannaway business.